Web Fundamentals


Web Fundamentals provides students with the tools to access, explore, and contribute to the Internet. Students work with current web tools as well as create a basic website by hand coding.
Students will:

1. Use FTP (File Transfer Protocol) software to upload files

2. Discuss core principles of Search Engine Optimization

3. Describe the legal, ethical, and social issues associated with internet use

4. Define the purpose of blogs, Wikis, and forums

5. List privacy concerns with social networking sites

6. Describe emerging Internet technologies

7. Hand code basic HTML structures

8. Manage basic website functions through a control panel

9. Create a wireframe to plan a website

10. Use a content management system to create a website

11. Create basic style sheets to control fonts and colors on a web page

12. Format page layout across multiple pages using external style sheets

I. Web Servers

A. File Organization

B. Uploading and downloading files

II. Searching the Internet

A. Effective search techniques

B. Using various search engines

III. Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues

A. Privacy and civil liberties

B. Intellectual property and copyright

C. Security

D. Social Networking

IV. Emerging Internet Technologies V. Web Page Creation

A. Planning a web site with wire frames

B. Hand coding basic HTML

C. Cascading style sheets

D. Page layout using Divs

E. Content Management Systems

VI. Managing a web site

A. Selecting a web host

B. Backups

C. Testing