Programming Logic


Programming Logic introduces students to programming structures (sequence, decision, repetition), programming concepts for working with math, strings, input/output, and arrays. Object-oriented programming concepts are introduced as well. Students create programming plans using flow charts, pseudo-code, and the Unified Modeling Language. Students apply programming concepts using a current programming tool, allowing them to create interactive programs. This course was formerly CIS 121.
Students must test into MAT 095 (or higher) and ENG 095 (or higher) on placement tests.
Students will:

1. Use structured programming techniques (Sequence, Selection, Iteration) to solve problems

2. Plan programs using logic tools

3. Define key programming terms

4. Use variables to hold a variety of data

5. Debug programs

6. Create functions that use parameters

7. Work with different data sources

8. Write simple programs implementing Classes and Objects

9. Use comments to document program functions

I. Computer programming and logic

A. Programming Languages

B. Writing a program

C. Compilers vs. Interpreters

D. Debugging

II. Variables, expressions, and statements

A. Variables

B. Operators

C. Strings

D. Expressions and statements

E. Comments

III. Functions

A. Calling Functions

B. Type Conversion

C. Math Functions

D. Parameters, arguments, variables

E. Stack diagrams

F. Importing

IV. Conditionals and recursion

A. Modulus operator

i. Boolean expressions

ii. Logical operators

iii. Conditionals

IV. Nested Conditionals V. Advanced functions

A. Returning values

B. Boolean functions

C. Recursion in functions

VI. Strings

A. Working with

B. Searching

C. String methods

D. String comparison

VII. Lists

A. Operations

B. Methods

C. Objects and Values

D. Aliasing

VIII. Dictionaries and Tuples

A. Counters

B. Looping

C. Memos

D. Global Variables

IX. Data Management

A. Files

B. Database Access

X. Classes and Objects

A. User defined types

B. Attributes

C. Instances

D. Class diagrams

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