Programming for iOS II


Programming for iOS II allows students to create event-driven applications using the Apple iOS platform. Students focus on user interaction: data storage, using external resources, using phone hardware resources. Students implement the agile development process to produce functional iterations of their iOS apps.
MAD 107 or instructor consent
Students will:

1. Set up the programming environment

2. Use version control

3. Create event driven apps

4. Capture user input

5. Select and implement appropriate data structures

6. Implement data storage

7. Connect to external resources

8. Design a user interface

9. Apply Agile project development techniques

I. Intro to iOS

A. Review of market place

B. Review of operating system constraints

C. Review of version control

D. Review of the Agile development process

II. Interaction

A. Interface components

B. Interactive objects

III. Interface Design

A. Adaptive layout

B. Screen rotation

C. Layout constraints

IV. Multi-view apps: View Controllers V. Navigation

A. Tab bars

B. Pickers

C. Table views

VI. Data Persistence

A. Plist

B. SQLlite

C. Core Data

VII. Graphics

A. Images

B. Drawing

C. Icons

VIII. Sprite Kit IX. Gestures X. Location Services XI. Accelerometer XII. Accessing device hardware

A. Camera

B. Microphone