Intro to Database Management Systems


Intro to MySQL Database Management Systems introduces planning, designing, and implementation of database systems. Students apply database design principles to create a database that meets business requirements. Students use a modern relational database system (MySQL) and structured query language (SQL) to create a database and access data. Students create databases on a server to be accessed by a web page or mobile app.
Students will:

1. Design relational databases using Entity Relationship Diagrams

2. Normalize database tables

3. Access data and modify the database using Structured Query Language

4. Design and manage a relational database

5. Design the structure of a database

6. Mange a transactional database

I. History and types of databases

A. Relational databases

B. Data transfer with XML

II. Database concepts

A. Objectives of good design

B. Design methods

C. Normalization

D. Value

E. Structure

F. Relationships

G. Integrity

III. Database analysis and design

A. Design requirements

B. Data structure

C. Data requirements

D. Gathering Data

E. Entity Relationship Diagrams

IV. Table design

A. Table requirements

B. Associated fields

C. Normalization

D. Key fields

E. Field specifications

F. Cardinality

G. Relationships

H. Integrity

V. Business needs

A. Business rules

B. Business review

C. Views

VI. Improving database performance

A. Data integrity

B. Normal forms

VII. Structured Query Language

A. Create

B. Alter

C. Insert

D. Update

E. Triggers

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