Designing the User Experience


Designing the User Experience introduces students to the foundations of User Experience Design (UX). Students explore the difference between experience design and interface design, create personas, develop scenarios, create paper and electronic prototypes, perform usability tests, and create iterative UX designs based on the findings of research with test subjects.
Students will:

1. Create personas

2. Create scenarios

3. Create paper prototypes

4. Create digital prototypes

5. Test prototypes and document results

6. Modify prototypes based on tested responses

7. Observe and analyze user interactions with the prototypes

I. What is User Experience (UX)

A. What it is not…

B. Foundations

C. When to start planning

D. Working with developers

II. Personas

A. What are they

B. Why create them

C. How to use them

II. What do users want?

A. Interviewing users

B. Observing Users

C. Storytelling (Scenarios)

IV. Testing

A. Test early, test often

B. Why it isn’t done

C. What we learn

D. Implementing a testing strategy

V. Telemetry – tracking user interactions

A. How to do it

B. What to track

C. Permission and privacy

VI. Security and privacy

A. What users care about

B. Securing our applications

VII. Making it just work

A. Principles

B. Don’t make the user think

C. Testing