Core Technical Courses

PRG 105 Programming Logic
Programming Logic introduces students to programming structures (sequence, decision, repetition), programming concepts for working with math, strings, input/output and arrays. Object-oriented programming concepts are introduced as well. Students create programming plans using flow-charts, pseudo-code and the Unified Modeling Language. Students apply programming concepts using a current programming tool, allowing them to create interactive programs. This course was formerly CIS 121.

WEB 105 Web Fundamentals
Web Fundamentals provides students with the tools to access, explore, and contribute to the Internet. Students work with current web tools as well as create a basic website by hand coding.

DBM 100 Intro to Database Management Systems
Intro to MySQL Database Management Systems introduces planning, designing, and implementation of database systems. Students apply database design principles to create a database that meets business requirements. Students use a modern relational database system (MySQL) and structured query language (SQL) to create a database and access data. Students create databases on a server to be accessed by a web page or mobile app.

PRG 147 JavaScript
JavaScript Programming I provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to develop JavaScript enhanced web pages. Students will also learn the basic syntax of JavaScript and how to develop programs using JavaScript. This course may be repeated once for a maximum of 4 credit hours. This course was formerly CIS 147 Intro to JavaScript Programming.

DGM 256 Agile Project Management
Agile Project Management helps students explore the differences between the traditional waterfall method of project management and the Agile process. Students work in groups to complete a digital project using iterative agile strategies. Students organize into Scrum teams, refine the backlog of requirements, plan and implement sprints, and present results.

WEB 212 PHP and MySQL
PHP and MySQL students combine two of the most popular tools on the web to create dynamic websites. Students plan and implement full stack database solutions, focusing on the back end technologies. Students create databases in MySQL and combine Structured Query Language with PHP to store and retrieve information on a web database while interacting with the user through an HTML interface.

DGM 107 Introduction to Digital Legalities
Introduction to Digital Legalities introduces students to the fundamentals of protecting a wide range of digital intellectual properties, fair use, optioning and securing rights, protecting work online and in emerging platforms, and what happens when a work is stolen.

GRA 167 Graphic Design I
Graphic Design I is an introduction to graphic design using the Macintosh platform. Emphasis will be placed on the creative use of software to solve a series of commercial and graphic design problems. Students also engage in basic hands-on exercises to generate images and typography to be incorporated into various graphic design layouts and/or formats. This course was formerly DGM 167.