Certificate: Programming Fundamentals

Programming Fundamentals:

This certificate is intended for students pursuing a general transfer degree to get foundational skills in programming and database management with the goal of being ready to complete a four-year programming degree.


Required courses: 12 credit hours

  • PRG 105     Programming Logic
  • DBM 100   Intro to Database Management Sys.
  • DBM 110    SQL / Database concepts
  • WEB 105    Web Fundamentals

Elective courses: 9 credit hours

3 Courses not already listed from the following prefixes: CSC, WEB, PRG, MAD, DBM or DGM 265 9


Recommended Sequence Programming Fundamentals:

Semester 1:
PRG 105 Programming Logic
WEB 105 Web Fundamentals
DBM 100 Intro to Database Management Systems

Semester 2:
DBM 110  SQL / Database Concepts

These courses could be spread over 4 semesters if being taken with a transfer degree.