AAS Mobile Design and Development

Recommended Course Sequence AAS Mobile Design and Development

Semester 1:
ENG 151 Composition 1
GRA 167 Graphic Design 1
PRG 105 Programming Logic
WEB 105 Web Fundamentals
DGM 107 Digital Legalities
Semester 2:
MAD 105 Programming for Android I
MAD 107 Programming for iOS 1
DGM 153 Designing the User Experience
DGM 265 Agile Project Management
ENG 152 Composition II or SPE 151 Intro to Speech
Semester 3:
Math or Science course
MAD 155 Programming for Android II
MAD 157 Programming for iOS II
DGM 152 Interface Design
DBM 100 Intro to Database Management Systems (MySQL)
Semester 4:
Social and Behavioral Science Course
MAD 255 Programming for Android III
MAD 257 Programming for IOS III
PRG 147 JavaScript
Elective from GRA, WEB, MAD, or PRG